Adult Ballet Classes

Thursday at  Guide HQ, Long Ashton, North Somerset

Classes resume 17th May 2021

Adult Entry Level Ballet            6-45…….7-30pm

Adult Entry Level Ballet            7-35…….8-20pm

Adult  Ballet     RAD                      8.20………9.05pm

Right on trend! Currently going to “The Barre” is what people are interested to find out about.


For beginners  who wish to “have a go” or those who are returning to class  maybe after learning as a child, with progression to more advanced technique in the later class.



Improves muscle tone, giving long lean muscle, strength and flexibility. Working the whole body, in particular, strengthens the abdominals and improves posture. Builds strength by forcing muscles to work against dancer’s own body weight. Every muscle from the tips of your fingers to stomach, bottom and legs.

Outlet to relieve stress and anxiety in addition to sweating out toxins, increasing energy levels giving a sense of well being and doing something good for yourself.

Class structure

Commence with a warm up, barre exercises, floor barre and centre practice. Technique will be explained but the emphasis is on the joy of movement and musicality. Stretch and relaxation to finish

What to wear

Wear loose clothing which will not restrict your movement. For example fitness clothes or perhaps leggings and T shirt. Ballet shoes would be ideal or soft shoes for a trial.



Have fun ~ Dance, Ballet Tap Jazz