Adult Jazz

Jazz Dance
Jazz Dance

Monday at Flax Bourton Village Hall, North Somerset

8:45 pm   9:30 pm  Adult Jazz Dance Class

Wednesday at Keedwell Church, Long Ashton, North Somerset.

8:00 pm   8:45 pm  Adult Jazz Dance Class

There are many types of Jazz dance e.g. Street, Lyrical, Commercial. Jazz dancers are usually performing with singers on stage. We concentrate on Show Jazz with an opportunity to learn a routine to performance level. Performances are not compulsory. Suitable for anyone who wants to dance at a general level with the emphasis on enjoyment and musicality.


Fun funky workout for the body through dance. Improves muscle tone, strength and flexibility. Challenges mental function creating spatial awareness, concentration, co-ordination and rhythm.

Class structure

Warm up followed by a dance routine.

What to wear

Wear loose clothing which will not restrict your movement. For example fitness clothes or perhaps leggings and T shirt. Jazz shoes would be ideal or soft shoes for a trial.

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