Adult Tap Dance Class Carrington Dance Studio
Tap Dance


Monday at Church House, Long Ashton, North Somerset.

3:30 pm 4:10 pm  Adult Tap Dance Class
6:45 pm   7:30 pm  Adult Tap Dance Class Entry Level  
7:30 pm 8:15 pm  Adult Tap Dance Class


Tuesday at St Peter’s Church Hall, Henleaze

6:15 pm  7:00 pm  Adult Tap Dance  Class

Wednesday at Church House, Long Ashton, North Somerset.

7:00 pm 7:45pm  Adult Tap  Dance Class



Entry level classes are fun and informal for those adults keen to learn the basics. Building confidence as you improve your movement vocabulary.

General and Intermediate levels present a higher level of skill for those with a good understanding of tap technique.


Superb development of co-ordination. Transforming the dancer in to a percussive instrument. Balance and posture will be challenged as you keep the body weight forwards over the feet. 1 hour’s class can use 250 calories!


Controversial origins dating back to 17th century clog dancing in Northern England, African foot stamping and Gaelic Jigs.


What to wear

Wear loose clothing which will not restrict your movement. For example fitness clothes or perhaps leggings and T shirt. Tap shoes would be ideal or low heel shoes for a trial.

All class times are here

Have fun ~ Dance, Ballet Tap Jazz